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About BIM

Beyond Investigation Magazine was developed out of necessity for our ghost hunting team in June of 2004. We tried to find a single source for our ghost hunting questions and equipment and found that no such single source existed.

At BIM, objectivity is the rule. Through thoughtful, context-senstive, data collection that leads to meaningful analysis, BIM strives to employ scientific methodology in order to improve processes, reach authoritative conclusions, and hopefully achieve real discoveries.

Being "objective" doesn't mean that BIM ignores so-called "sensitive" people (psychics, mediums, etc) or has built a wall of separation against them. In special circumstances, BIM has worked with such resources as a source of data, not as a source for answers. We're working in a field of research largely ignored by the main-stream scientific community and we don't have the luxury to ignore potential sources of data. It's all an unknown, and nothing is beyond investigation.


In our effort to maximize the meaningfulness of our end result, we try to find ways to improve the quality of everything we do, all the data we collect, and the analysis we perform. The only way to do that, especially with a limited budget, is to innovate. Early on, we came to 2 conclusions regarding HOW we conduct investigations: 1. The more people we have investigating, the more data can be detected in real-time, and 2. The more people we have investigating, the more contaminated the evidence becomes.

To solve the paradox of "too many people, not enough people", In January of 2005, we went live with a program called "VPI", or "virtual private investigator". A VPI can be anyone with an internet connection anywhere in the world. BIM Research and Development built a simple "text chat" system with a HTML/Javascript client that displays still shots from 4 of the video cameras deployed onsite. BIM can also webcast live audio from the site and other real-time data to VPIs like temperature graphs. By making this data available online and allowing offsite VPIs to interact with the onsite team, a VPI can alert the onsite team to an event so the onsite team can focus its data gathering. With the VPI program, everyone watching a live investigation is actually a participant.

Other innovations include the Infrared Proximal Temperature Target (IR PTT). The temp target allows an Infrared Thermometer to measure the temperature of the air in the immediate area of the thermometer instead of the surface temperature of a distant object. Even after years of denouncing the improper use of IR thermometers by some famous paranormal investigation groups, the practice continues and continues to yield meaningless results.

Meet Team BIM

Our team is a tight-knit group of people, each bringing and adding their own expertise from a variety of fields and backgrounds.

Founder and Editor in Chief
Forum Name: Pat EiC
First off let me say that Chris is the biggest weenie I have ever met when it comes to ghosts. Someone 6í4Ē and 270lbs that can scream like a woman as he runs out of a building when scared is nothing less than pure entertainment for me.

Iím an Electronics Engineer that enjoys robotics and animatronics and of course Halloween. I have always been interested in ghosts, haunted places, etcÖ and soon after my father died almost 20 years ago, I started ghost hunting. Iím not sure what I believe, I have no proof ghosts exist and no proof they donít. Until I get proof one way or the other, I guess my curiosity will continue to take over.

Chris (a.k.a. "Big Mama")
Field Investigator
Forum Name: HollowedOut
My background as a licensed embalmer for almost 13 years has given me more than my share of strange and unexplainable tales to tell. It was actually during my first six years in the mortuary field that I began to see more and more of what you might call activity in the surroundings. Although death itself has never scared me, for some reason the concept of ghosts, spooks or poltergeists gives me the willies. So why do I even take part in all of these ghost hunting shenanigans? I have no idea. Apart from ushering in an early grave, I guess I get to spend time with some of the nicest people youíll ever meet. Know this though: if I do meet an early end, you can bet your ASS Iíll be haunting Pat to the fullest. Hey, maybe Iíll even be the cover story. You never know...
Field Investigator, Magazine Layout
Forum Name: Steve LoD
College degree -: History - Cal State Fullerton.
Religion: None

Beliefs: Ghost are false, there are no such things. When you're dead you're dead. You don't go anywhere. You don't do anything. You just rot and become one with the Earth as it recycles you for future use, as it does with everything else. There are scientific explanations to everything that happens. Wisp of smoke, gust of wind, settlement of houses and even shifts in the earth's surface can explain most of what people think are spirits or ghosts. I go on ghost hunts to be the voice of reason and doubt. But mostly I go on Ghost hunts to laugh at scaredy-cats like Chris. How can a guy that big and fat be so scared of his own shadow?

Goal: To see something I can't explain.

Historical Researcher, Tech God
Forum Name: Brian
I am a Network Engineer by trade, and have been fascinated with the paranormal for many years. I am involved primarily in the background and historical investigations of our cases, trying to sort the fact from the fiction. In the field, I am charged with making everything work and communicate, including video, sound, and internet feeds. I am the resident techno-geek.

I enjoy Horror & Sci-Fi genre films, magic (the good close up stuff, not that Siegfried & Roy garbage), and weaponry.

I have 2 goals with BIM: First is to prove scientifically that ghosts exist. The second is to figure out exactly what makes Chris the immense pansy that he is.

Field Investigator, Photographer
Forum Name: AnthonyF1
Let me tell you it is a pleasure working with Chris the wussy. I had the "honor" of going with Chris on a room sweep. It was comforting to know that Chris would leave me for dead if something would have happened. My background is in electronics and pretty much anything that has an engine and an exhaust system. I am also a gadget freak mostly camcorders and digital still cameras. I met Pat at work; he is my boss (did I mention I hate my boss?) One day I looked at his computer screen and noticed the wallpaper Beyond Investigation", so I asked about it and he unwillingly explained what it was. At some point in time he asked, well he forced me to join the BIM Team.
Field Investigator
Forum Name: Chef
No bio on file
Forum Name: JJLatBI
First of all, let me tell you what a joy it is to work with such a nervous Nellie as Chris, the Scared Mortician. He really helps make late night investigations more amusing.

My background is in electronics. In particular, six years as an aircraft electrician on the F/A-18 Hornet as a U.S. Marine. Followed by over 28 years as a computer support technician, quality assurance manager, computer programmer, and I.T. manager. With regards to the "paranormal" anything, I am more than a skeptic, I am a "disbeliever".

As a disbeliever, even if I'm punched in the stomach by a semi-transparent humanoid figure that spits blood in my eye then flies straight up through a solid ceiling, I'll probably think I'm hallucinating. I got involved in the field to support Pat's operation and became more deeply involved to help add a different perspective to the investigations. Refreshingly, and compared to most other paranormal research groups, Beyond Investigation Magazine embraces (usually not literally) and accepts the full spectrum of paranormal beliefs, including us disbelievers.

Field Investigator
Forum Name: Irminator
My background is in psychology, I studied at UC Irvine and love the analytical view of the "paranormal". Like Jim, I am also a disbeliever. Having Chris around, "the Scared Mortician", has only made things more amusing. I have a background in programming and love to be the girl behind the scenes.
Field Investigator, Legend Researcher
No bio on file